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Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar


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Inspired by the aim of serving God through the people created by him and keeping in mind the needs of our tribal brethren living in Dang district of South Gujarat, Dr Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust was set up in 1999 as a service project.Today, the trust conducts various activities and projects in the field of community service.

About Us

Dr. Ambedkar Vanvasi Kalyan Trust
Serving human is like serving God
May we work for the ultimate glory of our nation.
Serving the under privileged is serving mother India
Work for a harmonious society by helping all inclusive development of the poor.
HAVE NOTS (VANCHIT) – Tribal, rural and urban folks among us who are left behind in terms of education,healthcare, self reliance and social equality.
ALL INCLUSIVE or HOLISTIC – Social, cultural, educational, physical and economical progress.
DEVELOPMENT – All inclusive [or holistic] development, suited to our times and based on locally available, renewable resources.
HARMONIOUS – Fully integrated [ without any kind of differences – of caste, physiance and physical, educational or economical].


Every donation is tax exempted.

Exemption under 80G and 35AC